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"The talent of the Blarney Rebel Band is immediately evident through their musicianship. [The Blarney Rebel band] puts on one amazing show and is talented beyond words."
- Karen J. Brady, Celtic Music MP3s Magazine

"Like a perfectly poured pint of Guinness, "Buy My Soul" improves with each listen and that's of great worth to anyone fond of Celtic music."
- Bluesbunny Independent Music Reviews

"There's nothing quite like a sincere Celtic band from New York. The Blarney Rebel Band is the perfect example of what happens when everything just goes together right."
- Catherine L. Tully, Celtic MP3s Music Magazine

"These musicians pour their heart and soul into the music, and what you get is a complete mix of everything Irish...brought to you by The Blarney Rebel Band. ." - Celtic Music MP3 Magazine

"THE BEST OF 2009 - "Stand With Me Boys" by The Blarney Rebel Band"
Irish and Celtic Music Podcast Listener Poll

"The Blarney Rebel band has provided the entertainment for the Grand Marshal's reception and I could not think of a better way to do that, with the band's rousing renditions of the many Irish favorites. They have always been and always will be a crowd favorite when and wherever they play!"
- Al Pulaski, Utica St. Patrick's Day Parade Chairman

"From participant's comments, The Blarney Rebel Band is the hands down fan favorite at the Boilermaker 8k Walk. Their rousing medley of Irish favorites has our walkers high-stepping and helps keep our participants coming back year after year."
- James Simpson, Director of Pre-race Events

"Blarney Rebel's Traditional and Irish Republican repertoire has been a great calling card for their following besides the continuation of the Irish-American musical genre in the area. Their music is superb, their talent better than that and their generosity overwhelming."
- Frank Kealy, Regional Coordinator IPPCH / Project Children

"the area's top traditional Irish band"
- The Observer Dispatch

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"The much loved and adored Blarney Rebel Band also did not disappoint in their Celtic mix of ballads, folk songs, jigs and reels. As much as the music they play rocks, their playful banter between band members is just as entertaining to the audience. "
Upstate Live, New York State's Music Magazine