OK, now that Dan's hand operation is finished and he's (slowly and painfully; yeah, yeah, wah!) on the mend, Blarney Rebel is now ready to hit the ground running in 2015. Well, hit the ground jogging. OK, walking kind of briskly while pumping our arms up and down really fast to convince ourselves we're actually doing exercise. Anyway, stay tuned for some exciting things coming up. New CD, major concert announcement, exciting new venues. Plus, the upside of not being sure when we could book dates is that there are some dates open that generally aren't open, so if you tried to get BRB before and couldn't, now may be your time. In the meantime, check out and like our Facebook page and listen to some tunes on our Reverbnation page at http://www.reverbnation.com/blarneyrebelband. (There are also some very cool videos on there, but, trust me, we look much better in the audio files.)