OK, so this IS DEFINITELY NOT totally devoid of coolness: "Devil's Ditch", from Blarney Rebel Band's most recent CD, "Ever Onward", won an "Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting" award in the 2021 Great American Song Contest. The Great American Song Contest receives almost 2000 entries per year. In Level One of the judging, all entries in all categories are judged by helpful and knowledgeable music-industry professionals, each selected for his or her expertise in specific style categories. After that, Judges advance the top 10 songs in each songwriting category to Level Two. Five songs are selected from each category to receive Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting awards. (Which we won. Wow, these people are smart.) The top song in each category wins a First Place Award and advances to compete for the Grand Prize, (which we didn't win. What's the matter with these people anyway!!?? Can't even spell the name right. I mean, "Blarney Reble Band? Really") Anyway, judge for yourself; pick up your copy today.