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The Blarney Rebel Band: Live At Piggy Pat

Live At Piggy Pat's

"The talent of the Blarney Rebel Band is immediately evident through their musicianship.  [The Blarney Rebel band] puts on one amazing show and is talented beyond words."

                      Karen J. Brady, Celtic MP3s Music Magazine


"They're the number one traditional Irish Band in upstate New York, and this disk will show you why. You should be in an Irish pub right now, but if that\'s impossible, the next best thing is to put on this disk and pour yourself several pints of stout.  All of your favorite pub tunes are here, and it’s all on display by a group of talented musicians boasting virtuoso musicianship and perfectly blended harmonies, sure to please old and young alike"


Buy My Soul


"The Blarney Rebel Band is the perfect example of what happens when everything just goes together right. Both lively and delightful, this CD is a great one to add to any Celtic music lover’s collection. This album offers four traditional songs as well as seven originals, and it makes for a nice blend. In terms of the “mood”, there’s a little something for all tastes here, from the pretty to the peppy. The enthusiasm for the music shines through."

Catherine L. Tully, Celtic MP3s Music Magazine


"Like a perfectly poured pint of Guinness, "Buy My Soul" improves with each listen and that's of great worth to anyone fond of Celtic music."

                                                            - Bluesbunny Independent Music Reviews




The Blarney Rebel Band: Buy My Soul
The Blarney Rebel Band: Beneath the Surface

Beneath The Surface


If you give this CD a listen you’ll feel an honesty and passion for Celtic music that is unmistakable. Tie that together with stellar musicianship and a rollicking good mix of tunes and you have a recipe for a truly great album. That is what the Blarney Rebel Band serves up here on “Beneath the Surface”. The players are from central New York , and they do traditional Celtic music proud. Great renditions of favorites such as “Raggle Taggle Gypsy” provide a surge of energy as they sit beside cute tracks like “I Know My Love” and quieter offerings such as “Legacy”. The mix provides balance and variety, and it seems as though every one of the musicians here carries their weight and takes turns in the spotlight. Working together as a team, they have put out a solid CD of 14 tracks that are sure to please Celtic music lovers.

Celtic MP3s Music Magazine


"Some might try to write The Blarney Rebel Band off as another traditional Irish-American folk band but this recording proves that there is more beneath the surface.  The album shines, which is a testament to the strength of the songs and arrangements and the passion and honesty of the performances."

Trevor Lewington, Enter the Haggis.

   "This disk is PFG!"

Craig Downe, Enter the Haggis